About ‘Lake N Hills’

Nestled in the lap of magnetic natural beauty, Lake and Hills-Resorts in Munnar, is a world class destination for tourists and holiday worshippers offering a luxurious splash of adventure and health blended for them. Lake and Hills reaches out to the tastes of the guests who are in hot pursuit of innovative ways to restore and revitalize their energies.
Senkulam Dam standing sentry to the mystical beauty of the resorts in munnar and the memorable travel uphill makes the name’ Lake and Hills’ worthwhile. Drinking in the ravishing charm of the locale, guests can latch on to any of the three –way passage to the resort. Spanning the lofty silhouettes of eucalyptus trees, there is an adventurous climb for the very sporty and the daring ones.
Integrating dream with reality, Lake and Hills has an alluring ‘Lotus Pond Cottage’ for a unique stay where elegance is fused with nature to augment every nuance of tranquility. We innovate ways to maintain the perfect balance and harmony between the physical and the mental landscapes of our guests.
Giving unwavering focus on the traditional Yoga, the infinite journey towards the unhindered bliss and self-realization, we have an on-site Yoga instructor helping you to come to shape and experience its transformative qualities.
Lake and Hills is the ultimate escape from the discordant notes of everyday life to the mellifluent spells of harmony where every sight instills serenity and every sound lulls your senses.

The real essence of Lake n Hills

Many a time, our lives thrive on special memories and thoughts associated to such memories. Some of the memories in the patchwork of life’s experiences have bright colors and glowing threads. The sights and sounds of these memories create strong sensory images that become powerful mental triggers. Even the delicious smell of cookies can take you back to your Grandmother’s kitchen and suddenly you become the old mischievous child; so uninhibited and unleashed of all troubles and tantrums.
At Lake n Hills-Cottages in Munnar, we offer the same backdrop as you had in your nostalgic childhood - the air of uninhibited bliss and freedom from stress and strain of mundane life. You can re-explore the real you inside and feel the warmth of your spirits being re-energized. The luxurious facilities blended with the soothing natural environs awaken the gallantry and re-animate the child in you and liberate your cribbed and cabined dreams.
The food, the dwelling, the surroundings, the sounds, the sights – all are meant to give you the true essence of bliss. We don’t own Lake n Hills! The whole environment is meant for your genuine “Home Coming”; the locale is all yours!

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